Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Cake Lady's Apprentice

Last night I had help from the ever talented Amy making cakes for Troop 163's Blue and Gold banquet. Did I mention that cake decorating seems to go faster when you have company to talk to, and even faster when you have help? Between the two of us, we had all of the cakes completed in 3 hours. By myself, I would have been up past midnight still working on them. :)

Here she is, posing with the completed cakes and sporting her very own "That Little Cake Place" t-shirt (made by TeeZerts... you can check them out here). After the banquet tonight, I'll post the actual pictures of the cakes online. Happy Caking!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

****Breaking News****

The Mill Creek Ward Young Women are teaming up with Troop 163 Boy Scouts this year and holding an auction to benefit both organizations and raise money for this year’s programs. The auction starts at 6pm on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 and stops when everything is gone! That Little Cake Place is donating 3 cakes for the event, so we hope to see you there!

#1 – A White Chocolate Strawberry Cordial – The ultimate combination of succulent strawberries and white chocolate… in a cake! Win the bidding and take this tasty treat home with you the night of the auction. *bite-sized mini-cupcake samples will be there for you to try.

#2 – A Triple-C (Chocolate Caramel Cake) – Ooey, gooey caramel, rich fudge, and knock-your-socks-off chocolate cake in one decadent package. Win the bidding and take this tasty treat home with you the night of the auction. *bite-sized mini-cupcake samples will be there for you to try on this one, too.

#3 – The ‘Boid’ (Eagle Scout Cake) – Since this is also an auction to benefit our Boy Scout Troop, it is only appropriate that we should auction a cake for an Eagle Court of Honor. Win the bidding on this cake, choose the flavors and design, and tell us when and where, and we’ll provide one rockin’ cake for your scout’s Court of Honor!

But wait… there are other nifty things there for you to bid on to support our youth and their awesome programs. Join us for a night of food, fun, and fundraising for worthy causes at the Martinsburg Chapel located at 1050 Lovelace Way in Martinsburg, WV.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We did a baby shower cake last week for delivery on Saturday. This was our first order through the website! The whole thing was done in colors selected by our client for a baby boy. She wanted baby items on the cake (like bottles, diapers, binkies). When It was done, it looked a little bare on the top (no pun intended) so I added a little sleepy bear in footie pajamas and a little tail.