Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oreo Cookie Cake

Yes, named for and made with our favorite cream-filled chocolate cookie (double-stuffed, please). This cake is best eaten with milk. I used a dark chocolate recipe for the cake that included crumbled chunks of the cookie, and a special mix of the cream filling (I don't like to waste) and home-made "stuf". Instead of torting the cake layers like I do for the Cordials and Hex-a-lot, I left the cake in two solid layers and filled it with a thick layer of cream filling. I then iced the cake in chocolate icing and sprinkled the left over cookie crumbles on top of the cake.

I originally made this cake for a lady I worked for; she wanted it for her friend's birthday. Because he liked the mint-flavored fillings, I tinted it green and added mint flavoring. He said he loved the think layer in the middle best because so many other places you buy a cake and the filling is almost not there.

One thing we agree on, however... best eaten with a tall glass of cold milk, but don't try to dunk this "Oreo"!

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