Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Cakes

Of all cakes for kids, these are my favorite to do!

Exhibit #1: Sitting Baby, Hidden Lollipop A dear friend from work asked me to do a baby cake for her daughter's birthday. I used a sitting teddy bear pan from Wilton and trimmed the ears off. I used extra cake to build the legs, and rolled fondant for the lollipop, bow, and safety pins.

Exhibit #2: Esmon, you're #1

Another friend from work loved Tigger, and his son was turning 1, so the result was obvious. I prefer to do 2 separate cakes for first birthdays, one for the birthday boy (or girl) to tear into and become a frosted, giggling mess, and one for the adults and other guests to enjoy.

Exhibit #3: Teddy in Chocolate

This was actually for my youngest's first birthday. we used cupcakes and mini cupcakes to construct the baby bear for him to tear into.

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