Thursday, January 8, 2009

Message in a Cake

Some people just want to convey a heart felt message, and what better way to do it than cake?

"To a wonderful Sister who is always there for me... Love Curtis"
This was actually a Hex-a-lot II, but he had a lot to say. I finally put the roses in the middle and wrote his message around the outside edge of the cake. From what I understand, his sister's co workers still think he is a hero to this day.

"Haylee, Just because I love you, Mom"

This was a square Raspberry Cordial with a mother's love note on top.

"For the one I love"

He wanted a cake for his wife. His only stipulation besides the message? Lots of icing.

"Happy Memorial Day"

This half and half chocolate and yellow cake for memorial day says it all.

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