Monday, May 25, 2009

Congrats Grad (and a welcome home) !!!

You might remember the skateboarder cake one of the members of my church ordered from me a few months ago. She referred me to Rita who was planning a surprise graduation party for her son, Daniel. Daniel was graduating from Hedgesville High School, loves computers, guitar, and weight lifting, and is joining the Air Force this summer.We decided to incorporate all of his likes into the cake for his graduation. Oh, he and his brother are both are both BIG fans of German chocolate cake with coconut-pecan icing. The cake did have a pair of dumbbells in front of the guitar, but an unfortunate breaking incident caused the computer tower to crush them. There was nothing I could do to save them.

Everything on the cake was cake except for the guitar which had a wood backing and neck. This was the only piece of the cake that didn't have coconut-pecan icing filling it. This piece was specifically for Rita because she's not a fan of the icing.
Here is a close-up of the computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. Daniel and his friends took turns having their picture taken "typing" on the keyboard. At first they didn't believe it was cake.
This is the welcome home cake for Daniel's brother, Chris. He is in the 82nd Airborne, and he was home for leave before his deployment overseas. He didn't even know he was getting a cake. Hehehe!!! This cake, too, was German chocolate with coconut-pecan icing as filling and covered in fondant. I carved the cake into the unit patch, covered it in fondant, then painted the colors onto it.
This is a shot of the two cakes together.
I was privileged to be there to present and cut the cake for the party. This cake and the Temple cake (in Hancock, MD) were due on the same day, so I delivered and presented the Temple cake then came back to Inwood to present this one. It was a wonderful party with my friend Christie from The Answer is Porcini catering a delicious taco bar, and GSProductions Entertainment providing the entertainment and MC (pretty cool guy, I might add). It seems that everyone enjoyed themselves, and these guys are lucky to have Rita as their mom. Congrats, guys!

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