Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm still working on details for the wedding cake this weekend. Friday night I was up late carving Styrofoam for the towers and spires for the Temple cake due next weekend, and decided to work on the dragon as well. I didn't want to make him entirely out of gum paste because he would be too heavy, and probably wouldn't dry in time for the wedding. I decided to do most of the body out of foam, carving the basic shape and adding limbs and such as I went. Please remember that this is the work in progress. I promise he will have the other wing tonight, and maybe some plates on his belly and spikes on his back. I'm considering coloring him first with green to accent the scales and then with a black wash for the evil two-toned look.I was going for an angry look, but then a friend of mine from work said he was cute! Grrrr.

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