Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Cake that started it all

Sometimes a stroke of Genius really strikes you. This is one of those times. I am a chocolate lover. I have a love affair with chocolate that dates back to before my conception. In my pre-mortal existence, I was the essence of chocolate. So why do I tell you this? Simple, my stroke of genius was the Hex-a-lot-a-chocolate. Once coined the Pentachoc (with 5 chocolates), I decided I needed a nice round number, hence 6

Let me decorate your imagination for a moment... Chocolate cake, with chocolate chips and ribbons of chocolate fudge baked into it. If you're keeping count, that's 3 so far. Filled with white chocolate icing (4), and covered with a generous layer of chocolate icing (5). For the pièce de résistance, shaved chocolate adorning the crown of this rich cake. There you go... 6.

Perhaps most notable, the smell alone is almost enough for an overload to the senses. I made the mistake of taking in this cake to my (at present post) mother-in-law to be for this past Mother's Day... at church... on a fast Sunday. Conversations stopped as the cake entered the chapel and everyone watched this cake. I seriously thought I was going to be mugged on my way to our seats. The next time I boxed it and hid it under my chair.

Now I will admit that there have been several renditions of this cake:
- the Hex-a-lot II where the white chocolate filling and the chocolate icing have been reversed
- the Mini-Hex where the cake is 6" instead of eight with little white chocolate flowers on the sides (quite nice for a little cheer-me-up)
- the Mother's Day Hex-a-lot with contrasting chocolate (or white chocolate) roses and writing.

In its final form, this cake has been known to disappear quickly at church functions, dinner parties, and anywhere else chocolate lovers tend to congregate.

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