Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Strawberry Sweetheart

Sweetness if ever I saw it. Leroy wanted a cake for his beloved for her birthday, and he wanted it to be a surprise. He came to me asking about a heart-shaped strawberry cake (her favorite flavor). This is what I came up with. Solid strawberry cake, white icing on the top, pink on the sides (took me a while to figure that one out), with contrasting beading for the edges.

The day of her birthday, I brought it down to him to store in the refrigerator until lunch (when he planned to give it to her). I meandered my way back to her area to wish her a happy birthday, mentioning nothing about the cake. I was there when he gave it to her... she gave me "that look" and couldn't believe I hadn't mentioned it while I was back there. He, he, he. Sneaky.

Over all, a wonderful cake, a cute story, and a sweet couple. Strawberry for my sweetheart.

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