Thursday, January 15, 2009

Even seen a bunny with ears?

So this is a bit of a legend in my husband's family. Apparently, his mother was trying to convince a young boy that eating his veggies would help him see better. She turned around, looked him in the eye, and asked him if he'd ever seen a bunny with ears. She meant to say glasses, but the damage was done. Her children picked up on the error and replied, "No, Mom, but we see them running around with glasses all the time. We don't know how they keep them up there!"

Fast forward a little ways to her graduation. The kids are all grown and she puts herself through nursing school. I promised her a cake for her graduation; my husband and his brother conspired and convinced me to do the bunny.

I made her a chocolate bunny in a stand up bunny cake pan. The first attempt didn't bake very well, and I found the head on the floor the following morning and the body collapsed. Attempt #2 worked much better, this time yielding a solid bunny. I chopped off the ears and mounted them on the cap so that our "ear-less" bunny could blend in with his floppy-eared companions.I made the classes and the board for the cap out of white chocolate. The only non edible parts (aside from the skewers holding the ears in place) are the tassel and the diploma.I used a silicone pastry brush (very soft and floppy) to give the bunny "fur".I don't think she stopped laughing long enough to eat the cake, though I am glad she had a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

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