Monday, January 12, 2009

For Scooby Doo fans everywhere!

This cake was for my youngest's third birthday. In case you're wondering, He LOVES Scooby Doo. I decided to do something a little different this time. Instead of doing a Scooby, I did the Mystery Machine. Instead of killing myself trying to draw Scooby and Shaggy, I opted to print/paste/color them next to the Mystery Machine. This cake actually started out as a 9x13 yellow cake... I cut and stacked 3 layers, skewered them to keep the whole thing from sliding over, and iced away!

Here's the proof that I do these things... my sweetheart had the camera... there was nothing I could do to prevent it...I tried to match the colors as closely as possible. It's not like my 3-year-old will notice if the green is a little lighter or darker, but I like to be accurate. If you're wondering, the gloves are to prevent my fingers from looking like Easter eggs when I'm playing with dye or black icing which is quick to tint fingers.Here is our close-up of the side...... and the finished Mystery Machine.

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Adunakhyr said...

You are not only talented but also very pretty!