Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mardi Gras King Cakes

It's that time of year in Louisiana... Mardi Gras!!!

My boss (yes, I have a day job) is from New Orleans and is a huge Mardi Gras fan... something about being in the parade this year. Any way, because our quarterly meeting fell so close to Mardi Gras, he decided that it should be Mardi Gras themed.

We had coins, we had beads, we had King Cakes! Of course being the resident cake expert, I was called to make the actual King Cakes - 6 in all. They measured over 20" across. I actually had to bake them on pizza pans with an empty gallon can in the middle for support.

Each cake had its own baby hidden inside (for more info on Mardi Gras and the King Cake click here), and they were glazed with a powdered sugar/milk mix and covered with colored sugar. I'll never forget the sound of a metal fork scraping a metal bowl while I mixed the sugar up. Over all, not a bad cake (though it is more like a cinnamon roll in tube form). He even said they looked like they were from New Orleans! Good enough for me.

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