Friday, February 13, 2009

Detox Rubik's II

It's that time of year again... Ted's anniversary! He's been two years now drug and alcohol free. Yay!!!

At his request, we revisited the Rubik's Cube.I'll admit that it turned out a lot better this year. I didn't have any red, so we opted for a solved cube, and this time instead of icing, I used fondant. the finished cube measured 7" x 7" x 7". What's even more fun is that I got to dye the fondant myself. Yes, I used gloves... you should have seen what freakish Easter-egg-like coloring they were by the time I was done. And to think, that could have been my hands. :-)Anyway, here is Ted with his cube. I'm glad he was so happy with it! Now all we have to do is figure out what to do next year.

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Shaeleen Clark said...

Wooo hoo,,, go Ted! congratulations. My husband would have loved that cake too. his birthday is coming up in march... maybe I could get you to make him a spacial cake... now what to make for him... hmmm any ideas. let me know. thanks,