Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sassy Pixie

OK, so I'm a little behind in my posting, but I hope you'll agree that this is well worth it.

That's right, folks, our favorite sassy pixie is back to wish someone a happy birthday!This was a yellow 1/4 sheet cake with Tinkerbell on the top. Sofia liked orange, so I made her flowers to match. To make Tink, I used the same "icing drawing" that I used for many of my other character cakes, but to give her that sparkle, I dusted her wings and the cake around her with cake sparkles. Instead of a shell or other piped boarder, I opted to give her a garden of flowers around the edge of the cake. If you caught that, her name is Sofia (with an F). While I was talking to her mother about the cake, I was in Weis Market and I thought she said "S"... lesson learned here? Always verify details through email.

Any way, here is a picture of the pretty pixie who's birthday it was. I was very happy to find out that in spite of the misspelling, he loved her cake. I promise I'll spell it right next time!

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MM said...

Super cute cake regardless of the mishap :)