Friday, March 27, 2009

The Hadlers' Wedding Cake

So when I first talked to Mr. Hadler, he wasn't quite sure what he wanted. He would have preferred a small wedding, but family insisted on a church, etc. So we started out with quite a larger cake; three tiers of yellow cake with white buttercream icing. He asked for roses in pink and yellow and the sides of the cake to be "combed". Later on the guest list shortened some as a compromise between families, so this is what we ended up with...When I asked him about colors for the roses, he said something springy, but not bold colors, but also not washed out. I was worried that these might have been a little "Easter eggy", but they loved the colors. Right before the wedding when I confirmed details, he also asked that I put their names and the year on the cake. I thought it was a cute gesture, and from what I understand, these two have a long history together. Here it is, the finished cake!

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