Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Multiple "Purse"onalities

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to do this project. I've been planning it for weeks now, and I finally started baking Thursday night. I cut and iced the individual pieces on clear rectangular plates from one of the local party supply stores, so I had cake pieces covering my counter top for a couple days!I finally had to pull my starter plants off of the island so that I had plenty of clear counter space to work. We had 4 flavors - yellow cake, strawberry cake, chocolate cake, and white cake.I'd decided long ago that each flavor of cake would be its own style of purse. I ended up doing 10 of each flavor for a total of 40 in all. Here they are all completed.This was the white cake. I covered it in white fondant and gave it a black ribbon and handle. This was one of my two favorites. This was the chocolate cake. I covered this one in light blue fondant, gave it a brown ribbon, handle, and a little latch/tie.
This was the strawberry cake. I marbled pink, white, brown, and black for the purse and gave it a brown and white twisted strap.
This was my other favorite of the bunch, the yellow cake. This was my first time making daisies for any cake related project. I finally got to use the gum paste flower set my mother found for me, though I decided to make the daisies out of fondant instead. I covered the cake in yellow fondant with a matching strap and flap.

I had fun getting this many individual cakes to the church. I was sweating every bump and turn in the road, but we only had two casualties that were easily fixed once we had everything inside. Overall I received many compliments for how cute they were, all of which were greatly appreciated! Many sisters suggested this idea for a bridal shower or birthday party for a little girl.

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