Tuesday, April 28, 2009

H is for Hotrod

A sweet for my sweet, or so they say...

So the back story - Tim asked for a 1979 Camaro for his birthday cake as it was his first car many moons ago. His was white, but he asked for a black one with a blue flame job. Considering he hadn't had a birthday party in some time, I decided to be sneaky (he, he, he) and throw him a surprise party. I came within 15 minutes of getting away with it, too if it weren't for those meddling kids... no, really one of our guests got lost on the way to the house and didn't have my number so, yep, you guessed it... he called Tim's phone.

Anyhoo, with Tim on night shift, I was able to stay up late and work on the party details and cake without him knowing. He says he'll have to watch out for me from now on! *evil grin here*

This is his cake!Interesting what can be done with a couple of paint brushes, some icing dye, a little water, a paper towel, and a lot of imagination (sprinkle a little patience in there too. It took 2 hours to paint this car!!).
I made the inside of the cake out of chocolate cake with Mounds filling (think "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't"), a coconut and cream filling that is rather tasty. I carved, iced smooth, then covered the cake with fondant before I started this particular paint job. I actually started with the yellow pin striping, then the black for the body so that I could cover my mistakes and thin the yellow down to a thin line. Then I started with the blue and moved back.

I liken this cake to the difference between a real Porche and Sally the Porche from the Pixar movie Cars. It's a little cartoony, but Tim loved it anyway.
Here we are with his cake at the party. I should mention that we're now even since he blew hot wax from the candles on me!

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