Monday, April 20, 2009

Siena's Grand Opening

My friend Christie from Royal Vendors asked me to do a cake, but not just any cake. A cake for the grand opening of the Siena Coffee and Bakery in Hagerstown, MD!!! (check them out here)I spent most of the week working on this and two other cakes (a lot of late nights), but here is the cake as set up at the grand opening...This is Christie (the lovely lady on the left) with the mayor of Hagerstown, Robert E. Bruchey II, cutting the cake. After the first piece, they turned it over to me to cut and serve the rest.Here are a couple of pictures of the details. The items on the top of the cake are all gum paste, molded and painted by hand. The Siena logo was replicated in 3D from fondant.A look at the items around the logo... I painted mosaic floor by the coffee cups (which are cake by the way) and added a bagel basket (basket and bagels in it also cake!). Because they also have an assortment of spreads for their bagels that they spread right there for you, I incorporated that as well.This was the aftermath of the cake cutting ceremony and serving of all those in attendance.

We got a good response from the grand opening (and the cake). And now for some good news!!! Ready?

That Little Cake Place is being featured at Siena Coffee!!! So, if you're in the Hagerstown area, check out Siena Coffee at 96 W. Washington Street and order a cake while you're enjoying your bagel (or panini, or hot chocolate... so many tasty options)!

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