Monday, April 20, 2009

A Present for Hannah

Hannah is my sister-in-law. She doesn't have an exact birthday (records still over in country), and hasn't had one for as long as she can remember. Once, a long time ago, someone decided her birthday would be on 4/15. She went from having a birth-day to a birth-weekend to a birth-week, to a birth-month celebration. I can't argue with that kind of mentality! She asked for a present for her cake, and found several ideas online that she liked... colors from this one, style of this one, look of that one. This is the final rendition for her birthday cake. Complete with a tag...

I had to paint the fondant on the bottom layer with brown food coloring to get that dark, shiny look. The only gum paste on the whole thing is the bow on the top. The top layer is yellow for her husband, and the bottom layer is chocolate for her. I even got to try a home-made fondant recipe!

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