Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Temple... II

Remember a while ago when I was obsessed with the leaning temple I did for Stake Women's Conference? My BFF Amy and long-time squeeze Mike decided to get married in the Washington DC Temple... and guess what they wanted for their wedding cake?
This time I got brave and added the annex and annex bridge. Most of the cake is regular cake. 7 standard layers of 3 chocolate, 3 yellow, and 1 strawberry iced in cherry flavored buttercream. Most of the bridge is strawberry, and the annex (the little building in front) is a strawberry cordial for their anniversary.I took a page from Duff and made gum paste panels for the walls and spines of the temple. I also got smart and made the towers from foam. See? Less wasted cake! And I even got the doors on the eastern walls. Now that's detail.Here they are before the cake-in-the-face-smashing event. How sweet!And of course, the obligatory aftermath pictures...I should mention that the little round cake behind the temple is a gluten free chocolate cake for Amy's FIL and was made for him as a special request. Because of an allergy he can't usually partake, but this is one of very few receptions where he can actually enjoy the cake.